Falanghina (2015)

Category: Wine – Still – White
Grape variety: Falanghina
Region: Campania, Italy
Appellation: Sannio
Vintage year: 2015
Producer: Petilia
Bottle: 750 mL × 12



The speck is a salami rather aromatic and spicy, with a good flavor. Horseradish adds a spicy note. It was combined with a Falanghina, Campania bodied wine, with an alcohol content which can support these tastes so intense.

Petilia is a family-run winery settled by Teresa and Roberto Bruno in the mid 1980′s, situated in Irpinia, the mountainous region in mainland Campania where two of the finest white wine appellations of Italy are grown – Fiano di Avellino Doc and Greco di Tufo Docg – as well as the famous red wine Taurasi Docg.

Teresa and Roberto Bruno are committed to quality viticulture and minimally intrusive winemaking, and vintage after vintage they succeed at bottling brightly perfumed, savory Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo. There is tangible levity, even ripeness and cool mineral cut in these genuine, unoaked white wines.


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