Fosso Cancelli Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

Grape variety: Montepulciano
Region: Abruzzo, Italy
Appellation: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
Producer: Ciavolich Winery
Alcohol by volume: 12.0%


Fosso Cancelli was created in 2007.

The name recalls a ditch next to the vineyard and on the label ( numbered) you will find the map of our Loreto estate. I wanted to produce a great traditional wine that followed the process adopted by the business from the 60s onwards: “fermentation and ageing in concrete before bottling”.

“Easier said, than done”. This wine is the result of a complex procedure, 10 hl (1300 bottles) of this wine from 2007 were selected for bottling in 2009 and 10 hl from 2008 were bottled in 2010.

The wine stabilises naturally in the bottle after aging for 5 years. There is a slight amount of sediment . This is the reason why the bottle should be upright for a short while before opening.

The grapes come from the oldest vineyards in Loreto Aprutino grown using the tendone method. Approximately 1300 bottles of the 2007 vintage and 1300 bottles of the 2008 vintage have been produced.