Trebbiano d’Abruzzo Donna Giuliana

Grape variety: Trebbiano
Region: Abruzzo, Italy
Appellation: Trebbiano d’Abruzzo
Bottle: 750 mL(12) / 1.5 L(6)
Producer: Ciavolich Winery


Donna Giuliana is young and proud of it. It comes from the idea of creating a wine capable of giving its best after a year of aging in the cellar.

The grapes come from younger vineyards of Loreto Aprutino and Pianella.
Traditional style temperature controlled vinification takes place in stainless steel vats, using the rack-and-return method on the first day, followed by pumpover on subsequent days.The wine is usually bottled before the next harvest.

Some notes: ruby red with light shades of purple.The nose: red fruits like cherry and plum. In the mouth: a good balance between young and soft tannins. There are 22 hectares of vineyard, 500 olive trees called Dritta and 14 hectares of cereals which we rotate from year to year. The vineyards:10 hectares are grown using the ancient and traditional system called Pergola or Tendone and planted between 1965 and 1990. 12 hectares are grown on trellises and are the most recent vines, planted between 2004 and 2011.The soil is calcareous clay. There is also a small cellar in Loreto which has been transformed into a small Agriturismo (farm guesthouse) with 4 guest rooms.

This Trebbiano comes from our vineyards in Loreto Aprutino planted in 1960.

It is a young and fresh trebbiano. The grapes from Loreto undergo a gentle pressing and the must is fermented under temperature control. The wine ages in steel vats until February or March and then bottled. We bottle it around March of the year following the harvest.

Some notes: Straw yellow. Notes of citrus and bitter almond. Well structured and fruity on the palate. It goes well with raw fish and seafood. Approximately 15.000 bottles are produced.