Cirò Classico Superiore Rosso Riserva

Vine type: Gaglioppo 100%
Vineyard: Piciara
Soil type: clay
Altitude: 20 on sea level
Culture type: Alberello
Year of planting: 1970
Density: 9000 plants/ha
Yeald per plant: 0,8 kg
Production per Ha: 72 Q/ha
Pest treatments: Sulfur ; copper
Fertilizers: No
Harvest: October
Bottle: 720 ML
Producer: Cote di Franze


Cirò Rosso Classico Superiore is produced within the heart of the Cirò growing zone, in what are also considered its premium vineyards, in Calabria, Italy.

This style of wine is one of the oldest in the history of the world, with ties to ancient Greece. The rosso is produced from 95% Gaglioppo, the region’s starring indigenous red, with an allowable 5% Greco Bianco and Trebbiano Toscana. The white grapes are employed to soften the tannins and round out flavors, much as Viognier does with the reds from the Rhône in France. The Riserva is aged a minimum of 24 months, with six months in oak.

The highest quality Cirò uses the alberello basso method of vine training, with grapes grown on bushes and hand-harvested. But because this is so time-consuming and costly, most modern Cirò is grown using the espalier trellised method.