Category: Wine – Still – White
Grape variety: 100% Falangina
Region: Campania, Italy
Appellation: Benevento
Producer: ORNETA


Falanghina is a white grape vine, already known in Roman times. It was probably the Roman merchants who imported this grape from Greece, spreading its cultivation in the Center and in the South. In fact, it seems that the name of the variety Falanghina derives from the Latin “phalangae”, that is “tied to the pole” for the ancient cultivation system with which the vine was grown. On the other hand, Greek viticulture compared to the Latin one did not foresee the use of the stake as a guardian of the vine stocks. The nobility of the vine is also evidenced by the presence of a “Falanchina” in the Royal Botanical Garden of Naples. In the thirties, Falanghina is included among the best Italian vines, so much to hope for its diffusion in the South to improve production. Today the Falanghina in Campania is experiencing a moment of renewed rediscovery and enhancement.