Category: Wine – Still – White
Grape variety: Riesling, Manzoni Bianco
Region: Lombardy, Italy
Appellation: Terre Lariane
Producer: Az. Agr. La Costa
Bottle: 750ml


Agriturismo Azienda Agricola Vitivinicola La Costa is located in Lombardy.

La Costa was founded in 1992 when Giordano Crippa, born and raised in Perego Brianza, decided to realize his vision for the local area by purchasing Cascina Scarpata (the old farmhouse) and the surrounding land. Both had been abandoned for decades, and as a result had deteriorated over time.

The location is enchanting, along the terraced ridge of a morainic theatre, which is well exposed in the Wildlife Reserve of Montevecchia and Valle del Curone. Hard work brought the farmhouse back to life and stopped the brambles from spreading any further, allowing space for the vineyard and historic terraces.

The harvest of 2000 marked the creation of the first wines. Today la Costa is a much bigger project that involves the whole family, and many more.
IGT Terre Lariane bianco

The Celts who used to dwell in the Valle of Curone, Brianza, celebrated the summer solstice which was a meaningful event, with propitiating rites. This took place on the terraced “pyramid” where the vines of La Costa now grow. The “radiant” character of the wine gave us the inspiration to name it Solesta, as a tribute to the day that marks the transition to summertime.

Grapes: Riesling Renano (at least 85%), Manzoni Bianco

Cellar: Vinification in steel and in 20 hl acacia vats, fining of yeasts until the end of May. Periodic batonnage, then concrete tanks and bottled for at least 12 months.

Production: 5000 bottles

Tasting notes: The Riesling grape variety highlights the area’s characteristics: acidity, sapidity, floral notes of exotic fruit and flint (due to the minerals in the soil). Manzoni bianco variety gives the wine a softer edge.

It’s a longevous wine worth tasting even after a few years.