Gattinara Borgofranco Riserva

Category: Wine – Still – Red
Grape variety: Nebbiolo
Region: Piedmont, Italy
Appellation: Gattinara
Producer: Cantina Delsignore
Bottle: 750 ml


It is a wine of great tradition.

And it is produced with selected grapes from varied vineyards situated on the hills around Gattinara. Their ideal location, the composition of the soil as well as the modern wine-making technologies, contribute to the production of this harmonic and balanced wine gifted with a distinctive and complex bouquet.

Borgofranco is dedicated to the town of Gattinara, symbol of freedom and autonomy from 1242 when it got the qualification of “Borgo Franco” (free town) from the Republic of Vercelli. Its independence was then confirmed repeatedly, both by Viscontis and by Savoias, until the unity of Italy.