Category: Wine – Still – White
Grape variety: Rare White Blend
Region: Sicily, Italy
Appellation: Sicilia
Producer: Gulfi
Bottle: 750 ml


VALCANZJRIA was created from a blend of several Chardonnay clones, grown on the plain of Chiaramonte Gulfi and Carricante. The Chardonnay lends the wine its aromatic richness and roundness, allowing it to express organoleptic characteristics as early as the spring following the harvest. Carricante, on the other hand, draw out the acidity, complexity and tartness which evolve over time, as well as help to maintain the freshness and aromatic intensity of the wine for up to two to three years after the vintage.

Production area:

Val Canzeria, Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG).


Vigna Muti on which the grapes for VALCANZJRIA are grown is located in Val Canzeria at 400 meters above sea level in the commune of Chiaramonte Gulfi (Ragusa) in southeastern Sicily. Canzeria is the original Arab name meaning “place of the wild boars.” The temperate Mediterranean climate is distinguished by wide-ranging temperatures. The soil is calcareous and moderately clayish. The vineyard was planted in 1999 with a planting density is 8,300 vines per hectare.


horizontal in a cool place at a constant temperature not exceeding 18°C.


This is the classic white for fish. The light touch of oak makes it ideal with well-structured plates, elaborate pasta or risotto dishes or even white meat and flavourful medium-aged cheeses.


Chardonnay is internationally famous white grape variety adapted naturally in Sicily where cultivation has been authorized for some time now. Along medium-high hills and on Etna, areas distinguished by the great difference between day and night temperatures without excessive heat, the grapes mature more gradually enriching in complexity and amplitude of perfumes

Carricante is indigenous white grape variety is cultivated almost exclusively on Etna and in a very small quantity in eastern Sicily. The name was supposedly given by viticulturists of Viagrande (Catania) who selected it several hundred years ago. This vine falls into the category of recognized “Etna Whites.” Its cultivation is widespread in the region of Etna where yields are greatest, with only a small quantity cultivated alongside other varieties in the provinces of Caltagirone and Ragusa. When cultivated ad alberello this grape matures late. Late maturation is the key to producing important white wines of unexpected structure and longevity predominated by aromas of apple, orange blossom and anise with a typical taste and pleasant tartness.