Category: Wine – Still – Red
Grape variety: Nero d’Avola
Region: Sicily, Italy
Appellation: Sicilia
Producer: Gulfi
Bottle: 750 ml


ROSSOJBLEO is a simple red wine, best consumed young

ROSSOJBLEO is a simple red wine, best consumed young; another way of expressing the Nero d’Avola Production area: Chiaramonte Gulfi (Ragusa).

VIGNA RAGOLETI is in the commune of Licodia Eubea (Catania), in South-East Sicily. It is about 10 hectars stretching on a plateau of the the Ibleian Mountains, at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level. The climate is fresh temperate, taking advantage from the presence of nearby woods. The soil is rich in clay, with emerging limestone banks that discontinue the regularity of the hillside. The vineyard is hightrained, density is 8.900 vines per hectar, and yelds are lower than 85 q/ha. Part of these grapes are destined to produce early drinking young wines, like Rossojbleo.